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All Seasons Marina has a 175 foot long floating fuel dock conveniently located on the Intracoastal Waterway. With minimal current and a breakwater, docking is safe and easy. We sell ValvTect treated 93 and 87 octane gasoline as well as diesel fuel and our fuel dock is open year round. For personal watercraft, we offer 5 floating EZ Ports that make fueling a breeze.

Fuel Dock Open with Extended Hours
During marina business hours, simply call us on your cell phone or on Channel 16 and we'll run right down to get you the fuel you need. During the summer months we stay late on Friday and Saturday evenings.

After marina business hours, our ships store partner, 24/7 Bait & Tackle, will be available by phone to service fuel dock customers after hours. They are on the property 24/7 Friday through Sunday. Signage on the fuel dock gives the phone numbers to call and hours of operation.

Featuring ValvTect Marine FuelValvTect Marine Fuels
All Seasons Marina proudly offers marine gasoline with ValvTect Octane Performance Improver. This revolutionary fuel additive allows heavy duty marine engines to operate at peak power and offers these important benefits:

- Improves octane performance by up to 5 numbers
- Accelerates energy release
- Improves fuel economy up to 8%
- Cleans-up fuel system deposits
- Extends engine life up to 70%
- Reduces maintenance
- Environmentally safe
- Prevents valve seat wear
- For 2 and 4 cycle engines

Premium Marine Diesel with BioGuard
A true premium marine diesel that helps keep fuel tanks free of harmful bacteria, yeast and fungi. It also helps keep marine engines running at peak performance.

- Prevents bacteria and fungi growth
- Prevents bacteria plugged filters
- Disperses water - Improves fuel stability
- Provides higher cetane performance
- Cleans-up injector deposits
- Improves fuel economy

All Seasons Marina diesel storage tank was tested and found to be 100% free of any micro-biological contamination often found in some marina storage tanks. We credit ValvTect Premium Diesel with BioGuard for this achievement.

Pump Out Services
We also have two pump out stations and a porta potti dump station at the fuel dock. The cost for either service is a modest $5.



Fuel dock is open year round

Easy fueling for personal
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